The Firm

More than 15 years providing legal advice to the main fresh produce exporters from Chile and Peru.

Our History

Araya & Cía Peru is a law firm established in 2013. From the time it began, it has stood out for providing high-quality and specialized legal advice to the agricultural exporting and agribusiness sectors, positioning itself as a leader in the practice of Agricultural Law,  International Trade and Foreign Investment in Latin America.

Before its establishment, our organization operated as a business agency; providing specialized legal advice in international trade matters to peruvian agro exporters. Our growing client base, together with the economic progression of the first local companies that relied on us, allowed us to become a Peruvian law firm.

Thanks to the 15 years of experience of Araya & Cía Chile, where we have worked together with the largest agricultural and agro-export companies, today we are the legal advisors of Agricultural Law and International Trade Law in Latin America.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental pillar in our office. That is why, in line with our dedication to the agricultural sector, in 2012 we signed an agreement with Fairtrade.

In recent years, Araya & Cía has collaborated with groups of small producers and micro-enterprises by guiding them and giving them general advice in international trade matters; drafting contracts and agreements; creation of corporate and other entities in order to give legal status to the corporations; out-of-court collection processes, advice in relation to export operations and others.

Currently, we are focused on contributing to the regionalization and support of Peruvian youth through internship programs with local universities. We seek to provide academic instances for research and internships in coordination with their education centers. The above in order to favor the generation of opportunities in the different provinces and agricultural cities of Peru.