Tools for the fresh produce exporter

This digital platform is a powerful tool for both the grower and the fresh produce exporter, as it provides relevant credit information from the importers, and also acts as an effective database with potential customers in different parts of the world.

Security for your business

REIMEX is dedicated to processing and systematizing the credit information of fruit importers worldwide that have worked or currently work with Peruvian and Chilean exporters. In this database you will find information about the importers payment behavior as well as information of those who have litigations or disputes with Peruvian and/or Chilean exporters which have been informed to the credit bureau. Every importer is ranked with 1 to 5 stars depending on their behavior in the industry.

Potential Customers

Reimex contains information about fruit importers in all continents; all with their corresponding score. Through this platform, the commercial management of our clients is reinforced and this makes us a true strategic ally by granting them legal security and collaborating in the development of their business.