We are nationally and internationally known as the top law firm in this area

Thanks to the specialization of our legal team, the Maritime Law and Insurance area of Araya & Cía Peru has managed to position itself nationally and internationally as leaders in this field.

Our services, mainly focused on export, stand out for protecting the interests of the cargo. In this regard, we have specialized in ship arrests as a mechanism to effectively protect our customers in case of any kind of dispute. For this matter, we have a network of correspondent attorneys in the main ports of the world, who will guarantee that this procedure is carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

Maritime and Commercial Law

  • Maritime, air and land transport, and the various contracts related to these matters.
  • Maritime and commercial arbitration.
  • In-court and out-of-court recovery actions in cargo claims
  • Ship arrests, fact-checking measures among other preliminary actions
  • Negotiation and granting of Letters of Guarantee
  • Ship arrest

Insurance law

  • Insurance and reinsurance (transport, credit insurance, civil liability, agricultural, etc.)
  • Insurance due diligence processes
  • Assistance in claim settlement processes and negotiation with insurers
  • Arbitration and litigation in insurance processes
  • Administrative proceedings before the competent administrative authority