Our comprehensive support is part of our service in matters related to labor and social security to companies

With an emphasis on business advice, we provide services for both private and public workers. Our integral service and support goes in labor and social security matters for companies (industrial, commercial, banking, mining, oil, agricultural, fishing, services, among others), institutions, entities, and national and international organizations.

Our advice includes

  • Personel hiring, individual negotiations, intermediation, outsourcing, labor obligations, regulations (internal work regulations, implementation of the safety and health law in the workplace, preventive and disciplinary procedure of sexual harassment, among others).
  • Salaries and special compensation to staff such as stock options, bonds and their tax effects.
  • Advice on hiring foreign personnel and immigration issues.
  • • Advice in cases of business reorganization, mergers, divestitures, corporate restructuring, liquidation or termination of companies.
  • • Staff reduction or collective termination of contracts due to objective causes (fortuitous event or force majeure, economic, technological, structural or similar reasons)
  • Advice on collective labor relations (unionization, collective bargaining and strike).
  • Sponsorship in administrative procedures, labor inspection, conciliations, arbitrations and judicial processes.
  • Social security counseling
  • Labor audits
  • Training on the aforementioned matters within companies.